XCO EVENTS: 090203 Faye Stanley - Arts Engagement & Arts in Public/Private Education

XCO EVENTS: 090203 Visiting Talk
Faye Stanley
Arts Engagement & Arts in Public/Private Education

This presentation will introduce students to notions and practices of arts and education in K-12 and other expanded contexts. It will also address pedagogy and the history of educational institutions as part of the tradition of 'experimental communities'. Students interested in developing projects in actual community school contexts will be able to do so throughout the semester, and this session will serve as an early orientation in that direction.

About our presenter:
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Faye Stanley facilitates workshops and trainings and presents at conferences nationally. She is a presenter for the Kennedy Center, Staff Development for Educators, a NC Wolf Trap Teaching Artist, and author. Her book, The Teaching Artist Toolbox: Connecting Your Art and the School is being published by New Village Press, and her books and CDs Music and Sound: Learning Experiences for the Elementary Classroom, Singing to Learn: A Multicultural Approach to Early Childhood Curriculum, and World Games to Sing and Dance in the Classroom and Community are also available. She wrote the JAM Guide for the North Carolina Arts Council, outlining programmatic content for cultural music traditions in after school programs, and consults on arts based initiatives with schools nationally. Faye also serves on the North Carolina Arts Council’s Arts in Education Advisory Committee, is a mentor for the Kennedy Center’s Artists as Educators seminars, and Director of the Arts and Engagement project for Duke University. Faye holds a Bachelor of Music degree and a Masters in Education.

As an artist, Faye has performed as a studio vocalist, theatrical performer and storyteller, rock band and folk musician, as well as vocal coach, and music director for performances both locally and nationally. She continues to perform both as a soloist and in theatrical works, as well as working with students leading arts integrated study, with teachers conducting professional development workshops, and designing and facilitating arts-integrated curriculum.

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