Readings: Things I was thinking about in relation to Collectivism Readings

The Collective Camcorder in Art and Activism by Jesse Drew
Artists' Collectives by Alan W. Moore

Drew particularly emphasizes early video collectives working with and against "the spectacle." Is there any possibility of an 'ethical spectacle?'

Both essays tie various collective's practices to the concerns and expanding technical and conceptual possibilities of their moments - particularly emphasizing reactions to Reagan/Thatcher. What sorts of practices might the current moment suggest?

Neither article pays much attention to variation in collaborative practices. Video and performance, as particular examples, can both become messy very quickly without a guiding directorial eye. How do we deal with a sort of tension between polish and egalitarianism in communal practices - particularly where polish might quite tactically (or strategically as, perhaps in the case of public access tv) serve the ends of a project?

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