XCO SITUATIONS / WEEK #1 / 090406-090413

XCO SITUATIONS / WEEK #1 / 090406-090413

More information for the other weeks will follow soon, but I did not want to delay sending this.
I am also working on having a joint google.calendar platform ready soon that will help us coordinate all these events and ideas

Remember that we are still meeting every Tue at 2:50pm but for a much shorter time (2:50pm-3:30pm) mostly to coordinate each week's ideas for events and social methods, actions, and contextual experiments.


Confirmed SITUATIONS for us to play out our SOCIAL METHODS this week will be:


090408 - Wed 10-11pm
Jazz at the Mary Lou Williams Center
We will also return on Wed 090414, 10-11pm

090409 - Thu 1-3pm
The Commons Conference: Negri & Balibar at Nasher Museum
if you cannot make it to that, go to at least 2hrs of any other part of the 2 day conference and be ready to talk/do something about it. I'll be there for all parts of both days.
Full info here:

Not Mandatory but Almost
090410 - Fri 6:30-7:30pm (time we'll be there, the reception goes from 6 to 9pm)
Classmate Cameron Ayres' exhibition reception at Arts Center in Carrboro


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